What President Trump Did To Air Force One Will Make The Democrats FAINT! All It Took Was An Hour!

President Trump doesn’t accept full price for anything, especially when it is the hard earned money of the American people.

Over the last 8 years, Obama has spent an incomprehensible amount of money flying everywhere with Air Force One but Trump just saved the country big time!

President Trump just saved the country $1 Billion on two new Air Force One Planes just by taking an hour on the phone to negotiate!

President Obama would never have thought to try and get a better deal. He wasn’t paying for it so he didn’t care.

President Trump puts the people first in all of this negotiations!

As per the Washington Examiner:

President Trump said Saturday that he has reduced the price of two new Air Force One planes by more than $1 billion after spending about an hour on negotiations.

Trump previously slammed the cost of the $4.2 billion Boeing program on Twitter as being too high and secured a personal promise from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg to complete the program for under $4 billion.

That wasn’t all though. President Trump after balking at the price that Boeing had quoted him went on to say that the price was going to go down even more!

Trump said that he would not fly in a plane that costs $4.2 billion from the taxpayers so he got them to lower the price.

It takes President Trump 1 hour to save our country $1 Billion!

President Trump has shown time and time again that our government has been wasting money for years because they don’t know how to negotiate.

Finally we have a president that knows how to talk the price down! This is the first step to lowering our insane national debt that President Obama is personally responsible for over a third of.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit