Pollak: President Donald Trump, as Always, Is Fighting, as Promised

President Donald Trump is doing exactly what he promised his supporters he would do by fighting for every possible legal way to win the election.

His opponents — the media, Democrats, Never Trump — say that Trump is living down to their worst expectations of him, that by refusing to accept defeat he is vindicating their hatred of him.

They are right about only one thing: this is the same Donald Trump we knew all along, and his tenacity is how he became an extraordinary president.

No other president would have stared down the opposition and appointed three conservative Supreme Court justices. No other president would done Operation Warp Speed when “fact-checkers” said it would take a miracle. No other president would have built the wall anyway. No other president would have looked at the Middle East and thought: “I can solve that.” No other president would have torn up NAFTA, pushed back against China, and told NATO it was time to put up or shut up.

Throughout his career and his presidency, Trump has set goals and done everything he could, within the law, to achieve them. He accepts defeat but never gives up.

For months, he has been telling anyone who will listen — and his opponents clearly do not — that he will leave office if he loses. Just last week, he said he’d “do the right thing” if he lost. He simply refuses to accept he has lost until all the legal votes are counted and the last gavel has come down in the last court of appeal.

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