Pope Francis Stunned Christians With These Bone Chilling Comments

Pope Francis

Pope Francis continues to cause turmoil.

His continued attacks on traditional values have outraged millions of believers across the globe.

Now he’s stepped into a massive controversy with a direct attack on Donald Trump.

Pope Francis has disappointed traditional Catholics and Christians with his continued promotion of left wing social justice values.

He spoke again in favor mass migration and open borders – even in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona where Islamic terrorists drove a van into a crowd of people killing 15 and injuring at least 130.

The terrorists were part of a cell that planned a much larger attack and included many foreign born jihadists.

But that didn’t matter to Pope Francis.

He declared the rights of migrants were more important than national security.

Breitbart reports:

“Pope Francis on Monday urged countries to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns.

Francis’ politically pointed message was made in view of the Catholic Church’s 2018 world refugee day, celebrated Jan. 14. It comes amid mounting anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe and beyond following waves of migrant arrivals and Islamic extremist attacks.

In the message, Francis demanded governments welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants, saying Jesus’ message of love is rooted in welcoming the “rejected strangers of every age.”

He demanded a simplified process of granting humanitarian and temporary visas and rejected arbitrary and collective expulsions as “unsuitable.” He said the principle of ensuring each person’s dignity “obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security.”

Francis has made refugees a priority of his pontificate, making his first trip outside Rome in 2013 to the island of Lampedusa, ground zero in Europe’s migration crisis. He has repeatedly spoken out for migrants’ rights, demanded countries build “bridges not walls,” and personally brought a dozen Syrian refugees back to Rome with him when he visited a Greek refugee camp in 2016.

Ignoring critics who say his calls are unrealistic and naive, Francis insisted in the new message that border guards must be trained to protect migrants and that each new arrival, regardless of legal status, must be guaranteed access to basic services beyond health care.”

Conservatives also took the comments as another shot at Donald Trump.

Trump made instituting extreme vetting and cutting off the tide of unvetted Islamists into America a centerpiece of his campaign.

He made good on his pledge with an executive order instituting a travel ban for six nations connected to terrorism and a temporary pause on the refugee program until extreme vetting measures could be instituted.

But the global elite – who treat support for open borders and mass migration as religion – were horrified.

Francis was speaking for their concerns when he voiced his opinion that unlimited immigration is more important than defending a nation’s citizens from terrorism.

But the American people have an interest in determining the number of people who enter the nation and under what procedures they are permitted to do so under.

Without that ability, a nation loses its sovereignty.

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