Rioter Douses Police Officer, Sets Him on Fire as Unrest Spreads Across Globe

Police Officer, riots

Inspired by riots across America that have led politicians to repudiate law enforcement, violent protesters are now attacking police officers around the globe.

Protests reached a horrifying apex of violence Thursday in Mexico when, during a protest in Guadalajara, a police officer who took his eyes off demonstrators was set on fire in an incident caught on video.

The protests took place over the death of Giovanni López, who died in May after an altercation with police, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Although there were reports police had detained him for not wearing a face mask, officials said that was not true.

Video of Thursday’s protest shows a police officer getting on a motorcycle.

Once his back was turned, he was splashed with some type of liquid by a rioter, who quickly set the officer on fire with what appeared to be lighter.

As the officer rolled on the street, the police tried to help put out the fire while also battling protesters.

he condition of the police officer could not be ascertained from media reports.

WARNING: The video below contains violent images that some views may find disturbing:


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