BREAKING: Peter J. Kadzik Assistant Attorney General Just Got Exposed!

Peter J. Kadzik, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legislative Affairs in the Department of Justice has been connected with helping Hillary Clinton.

She had to have had a insider to get off with the overwhelming evidence brought against her in her first investigation. In a released email from WikiLeaks, Kadzik’s son is sending a request to work for Hillary at the request of his father!

Kadzik was using his position to help his son get a resume booster!


Continued Below:screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-8-19-39-pm

From the image above:

“I was with my father and Amy recently, and they both suggested I reach out to you. I would love to find some time to connect and see if there may be an opportunity for me to help on the campaign.”

It doesn’t get much more obvious than that now does it.

This is absolutely an abuse of power that we cannot allow to stand.

Peter J. Kadzik was making friends with Hillary Clinton while she was being investigated by the FBI and he was supposed to be prosecuting her.

Hillary Clinton’s Crony is now out in the open thanks to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks!

From the image above:

“Do you need any junior help in hq or states? Peter and Amy’s son.”

This isn’t a formal job application this is my father wants you to give me a position.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton owed Kadzik pretty big after him letting her off scott free.

We can’t let them get away with this! We have to spread this everywhere so that Kadzik can’t be allowed to continue to corrupt our system anymore.

We have to let everyone know that our government is beyond crooked and we have only one solution to fix it.

We have to drain the swamp and end the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her cronies!

Please share this everywhere to show that we finally got one of Clinton’s Hidden Cronies!

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