Pelosi Sets Up House Commission To Keep Eye On Trump – Will Oversee Spending Of Relief Bill

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she was forming a special House panel to oversee the distribution of billions of federal dollars dedicated to the response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Pelosi, a California Democrat, said Thursday the panel would “prevent waste, fraud, and abuse” and would be bipartisan. She appointed the House majority whip, South Carolina Democrat James Clyburn, to oversee the panel.

“The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to coronavirus and to assure that the taxpayers’ dollars are being wisely and efficiently spent to save lives, deliver relief, and benefit our economy,” Pelosi told reporters.

Pelosi said the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, as she has named it, would examine billions of dollars in federal aid Congress has approved but also how “the private sector reacts to the funds they receive as well.”

The most recent relief package, worth $2.2 trillion, enables Congress to appoint a panel to oversee $500 billion in federal loans to companies struggling to survive due to the economic slowdown caused by social distancing guidelines.

Pelosi told reporters the panel would help ensure states and medical facilities were getting the resources they need.

“How can we work together to make sure the resources get where they need to get in a priority timeline,” Pelosi said, describing the purpose of the panel.