Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings bash Mike Flynn’s tweets!

Photo screengrab from video below

Haha, what a clowns! Look what these democrats in US Congress did today. They make a fools form themselves, these people are the leading face for democrats, no wonder why are they losing elections all over the place!

This clowns could not beat Trump in 2020, he can be president forever if there was no limit of presidential terms.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) were embarrassed after excoriating former national security advisor Michael Flynn for tweets that were made by a parody account pretending to be him.

They made the comments in a press conference Tuesday about Flynn’s resignation from the Trump administration. Cummings derided Flynn for the tweets, and said further investigation was needed into the matter.

“Something is wrong here,” Cummings intoned, addressing Pelosi directly.

Reporters captured the moment Pelosi was told the tweets were fakes. It appears that the top Democrats got the tweets from the New York Times and Newsmax, who both published the tweets as being from the real Flynn.

The tweets have not been deleted by the fake account:

General Flynn resigned Monday after a long scandal involving contact he had made with the Russian government before the election.

Trump is right about Flynn – liberal media killed him, he has no ability to answer that brutal barrage, his job is not to go on cable tv news, he had to be quiet and wait to see how will this unfold.

Trump decided to oust him, because the media could not stop attacking him, liberal media will make a lot of problems to Trump by inventing huge scandals and huge problems where there is almost nothing there…

But Trump will beat all of this, he will win this one!

(h/t) The Blaze


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