BREAKING: Paul Ryan Just Stabbed Trump In The Back! Too Bad Trump Just Shut Him Up For Good…!

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Donald Trump doesn’t back down from anyone, especially Paul Ryan.

Ryan has been against Donald Trump since the beginning of the election and the fact that Donald Trump not only destroyed all of Ryan’s friends in the primary and won the general election only made Ryan shut up temporarily, but he has constantly been working to stop Donald Trump’s promises to the American people.

Now Paul Ryan is actively working to make sure that the wall on the Mexican border never happens.

Screw You Paul Ryan!

Donald Trump of course didn’t back down and shut up Paul Ryan for good saying, “We’re going to build that wall, Paul.”

Bloomberg reported:

Trump’s campaign was largely powered by his get-tough stance on immigration. A Pew Research Center poll in August found that 79 percent of Trump voters want a border wall, compared with 38 percent of all registered voters.

But among lawmakers in Congress, the desire to build a wall along the entire 1,933-mile border with Mexico has evaporated. Republicans in both chambers instead support more fencing, border patrol agents, drones and other resources to curb illegal entry. House Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul said he’ll offer a bill with some of those steps in January.

“Starting next month, the people are going to get what they asked for,” the Texas Republican said Dec. 9 at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, contending that the “border security surge” plan is as good as a wall.

That may not be good enough for Trump, who pushed back after House Speaker Paul Ryan said Dec. 4 on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that “conditions on the ground determine what you need” in different areas of the border.

“We’re going to work on the wall, Paul,” Trump told a cheering audience when the two appeared together Dec. 13 in Wisconsin on the president-elect’s thank-you tour. “We’re going to build the wall, OK? Believe me.”

Paul Ryan is only burying himself deeper and deeper by going against his own party’s choice for president. He might has well resign now because he’s not going to get re-elected at this rate!

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