Oprah Says “Jesus Christ” Sent Her a Letter About a 2020 Run


Oprah Winfrey, the queen of television for decades, proclaimed that she wouldn’t consider running for President in 2020 unless she received a “sign” from God.

Apparently, in a weird way, that may have just happened, according to her friends and supporters.

DailyWire reports:

Even though Oprah marches to the new-age “believe in yourself” beat, she keeps saying that she will not run for President unless she receives a clear sign from God.

In response, Oprah fans are now desperately “looking for signs” from the Almighty to persuade her to run. Some like Stephen Colbert have just created their own sign, such as when the CBS host had “God” appear on his show with an Oprah 2020 shirt. Now, Oprah’s longtime friend, Gayle King, believes she found the “sign” that Oprah was looking for: a letter from a woman literally named “Jesus Christ.”

It could all be a coincidence or it could all be staged. Whatever the reason, a woman named “Jesus Christ” sent Oprah a letter and King promptly shared it on social media.

Christ apparently did not know that Oprah was looking for a “sign” from God or even that she was considering a run for President. According to Christ, she changed her name 50 years ago and sends letters in the name of faith, peace and priorities.

So, would “Jesus Christ” vote for a woman that supports abortion and new age paganism? She says absolutely.

“I’ll vote for her – that’s for sure,” she said. “God and the Bible. I try to live every moment of my life under God’s will.”

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