Olbermann Threatens ‘Weakling’ Trump – Will Remove Him from Office, Throw His Family in Prison


Keith Olbermann desperately needs help.

Trump derangement syndrome is strong with him.

Even though he said last November he was retiring from political commentary, Keith can’t help but bash President Trump whenever possible.

Check this out…

From Downtrend:

It’s been really hard to craft a headline today because we got a memo that Facebook is blocking anything with the word “shithole” in it and thanks to the liberals, “shithole” is all there is to write about. Most shithole stories involve the collective liberal freak-out over the fake news story that President Trump called some shithole countries shitholes. This is Trump and shithole related, but involves basement-dweller Keith Olberman threatening Trump’s family and calling them shitholes. Did I get enough “shitholes” in the first paragraph to make up for the lack of “shitholes” in the headline?

Olbermann claimed in November 2017 that Trump has done more damage to America than ISIS and Osama bin Laden combined, Fox News:

“You think that bin Laden did less to damage America than President Trump?” McCain asked, to which Olbermann immediately replied, “Yes.”

McCain went on to say, “rhetoric like that is so damaging,” before defending her brother’s service in the Iraq war, saying the comparison between Trump and bin Laden, the latter of whom “was dedicated to the destruction of … everything that we hold dear,” was unbelievable.

“How do people like us find common ground,” McCain asked, adding that she was exhausted with the behavior on both sides of politics.

“Do you want President Trump to fail? Do you want America to fail? I’m genuinely curious,” McCain said.

Go home, Keith. You’re drunk!


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