This Is What Went Wrong With Obama’s Farewell Address!

Image source: Youtube

Obama is closing his presidency with a failure! HAHA, oh man, we are even sorry for poor Barack, he had a really bad year!

His farewell speech was boring and hopeless, even his face was cold and frightened, he knows that Trump is going to ruin everything he made!

American hates Obama’s policies, so Trump is going to erase them all! His farewell as president to the nation was, alas, perhaps the biggest misfires of his public career. Which is too bad, because there was a terrific speech in there somewhere trying to get out.

The basic problem was that the event, and the speech, couldn’t make up their minds about what they were doing. The core of the speech, as far as I could tell, was a classic farewell address in the spirit of George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower — serious advice to the nation, distilling something he had learned from the last eight years, meant to be taken seriously and remembered.

Unfortunately, that was mostly lost in the mess of a long, split personality speech. There was an audience problem, too. The speech seemed directed beyond the kind of Democratic supporters in attendance, yet bragging about his administration’s successes was not the way to win over those folks.

He probably would have been better off just going with the rally for the celebration, and saving the rest for some other time.
Oh poor Obama! Nothing is working for him! He can do nothing good for so long!

Trump ruined his life! He is being humiliated, he is being embarrassed and ashamed!

He is never going to be able to overcome this loss and this humiliation!

He will need a lot of paid speeches and a lot of millions and a lot of playing golf to stay alive!


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