Obama’s Dog Attacks White House Guest Could He Be A “Killer Dog”

The Obama administration is so dishonest that they can't even tell the truth about Barack's dog.


The Obama administration is so dishonest that they can’t even tell the truth about Barack’s dog.

The White House Press Core last week literally laughed in the face of the White House Press Secretary as he tried to deny and deflect from the fact that Obama’s dog attacked a young female visitor at the White House causing this woman to have to have stitches at a local hospital.

The Presidents daughter Malia had a friend over to the White House who ended up getting bit in the face by their second dog Sunny.

The victim posted a picture on snapchat showing her injury’s as you can see down below

She also posted a picture in the doctors office after she had received treatment and had patched up the cut under her right eye

After these photos started to circulate last week a reporter in the White House Press pool asked the Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the incident and weather it was true and he said he did not have any information on it.So the very next day a different reporter asked him about it again and his answer was was exactly the same,cause why would he comment on it oh wait cause i looks bad when the Presidents dog attacks people.

This isn’t the first time Obama’s dog has attacked someone as a few years ago his dog Sunny attacked a little 3 year old girl to the point where she fell over as you can see in this video







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