Obama Should Be Getting Really Worried After This Former Colonel Statement!


Following months from the liberal press laughing at Trump over the claim that Obama wiretapped him throughout the election, Trump finally obtained vindication. America discovered the truth this Tuesday that Obama did in reality unconstitutionally wiretapped Trump all through the presidential campaign. This left Barack Obama with his trousers down all over again.

Now previous intelligence official Tony Shaffer just exposed that Obama’s wiretapping was not just a federal offense; he claims that the outcome of this analysis will likely lead to Obama getting FELONY CHARGES. Shaffer’s dire statement about Obama’s near future is definitely giving shock-waves through the dark minds of liberals all over America these days. It tossed a goof wrench in to Obama’s ideas to make his “political comeback” this autumn.

In an interview, Tony Shaffer described ‘Obamagate’ as an “order of magnitude” even larger compared to Watergate wiretapping scandal; mainly because the occurrence included “nation-state assets for uses of governmental gain. ”

When questioned if Obama could be imprisoned for breaking the law, Shaffer said that it might be the “1st time an ex – president could be accountable for a criminal offence. ”
“…I believe it is really possible he acted outside the range of his responsibilities, to use the resources of the nation-state for a presidential candidate. This really is, as I have said just before, North Korean dictator level of abuse,” he included.

Shaffer explained that Obama utilizing government assets to wiretap Trump had been for the single purpose of having Hillary in to office, because Obama wished the wiretapping would generate sufficient “dirt” on Trump to destroy his presidential race.

Provided Shaffer’s extended army career, his climb to the top of the United States intelligence groups; his senior position at the exclusive LCPR, the prediction regarding Obama should never be laughed at.

Obama wiretapped Trump as once again confirmed by Tony Shaffer ,a former colonel

Becoming brought up upon felony charges would totally ruin Obama’s plan of getting his political return this season; he’d be trying to puzzle out a way to be out of prison rather than wasting his hours worrying with methods to take Trump down.
The Hill documented on exactly how substantial Obama’s wiretapping really was, because this unconstitutional act wasn’t simply limited to wiretapping Trump’s phone calls. They documented:

If these types of reports tend to be accurate, this means U. S. intelligence organizations covertly wiretapped at least 6 of Trump affiliates. And those are simply the ones we only know about.

Apart from Manafort, the actual officials consist of previous Trump advisors Carter Page as well as Michael Flynn. We discovered several Trump “transition officials” had been “incidentally” wiretapped during federal government surveillance of the foreigner. We realize this because previous Obama advisor Susan Rice apparently confessed to “unmasking,” or requesting to know the actual identities of, the authorities. Spying upon U. S. residents is known as so delicate; their identities are expected to always be hidden or perhaps “masked,” even within the government, to safeguard their personal privacy.

As previously thought Obama wiretapped Trump during his presidential race

In May, James Clapper as well as Sally Yates recognized they, too, examined communications associated with political officials; secretly gathered under Obama.
Right after being allowed to do whatever the heck he desired over the past eight years and wiping his bottom with the Constitution; it appears that Obama’s cockiness could just be his undoing. His antics might have been forgiven before. However, things are greatly different since Obama can’t obstruct all inspections into their crimes, as before.

If Tony Shaffer is right, Obama’s small plan to retain trolling Trump with his small shadow administration from the head office of his home; might quickly come to a sudden end. How poetic might it be that after investing Eight years; bowing to terrorists aiming to ruin America Obama might wind up right behind bars in a prison jumpsuit? Sounds like ideal justice for USA!


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