Obama Claimed He Could Have Beaten Trump! Trump Shut Down That Joke With 2 Words … !

Photo by Jesusemen Oni via Wikipedia

… NO WAY!!!

Barack Obama must think that he can do everything everything even when the American people now see him for the horrible president that he is.

Barack Obama claimed earlier today that he could have won the election if he was allowed to run for a third term against Donald Trump.

He must pride himself on fantasies because Barack Obama would have been destroyed against Donald Trump. Dreams are great but now that the American people have seen the how horrible eight years of Obama have been they would never sign on for more.

Not only are Obama’s claims of bringing in 10 Million jobs a hoax, 95% of them were part-time and contract work, but he has also empowered ISIS by giving pallet loads of cash to Iran to release our hostages!

Those are not the accomplishments of a great leader. Those are the failures of a horrible leader that has drug our country into the gutter.

Donald Trump managed to prove Obama’s failures in 140 characters. He didn’t even need to face him in the election and now that Donald Trump has not only saved thousands of jobs like at Carrier or brought in thousands of jobs, while negotiating better contracts for our military before he has even been sworn in, Obama would never stand a chance.

Donald Trump has accomplished more than Obama in eight years in a month and a half!

Barack Obama can go enjoy his golf games while a real leader fixes his mistakes!