Obama spent INSANE AMOUNT of taxpayer money on travel and holidays.

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Obama broke the bank folks! He thinks that is a royal family, he has no sense for decency and respect for people’s money!

President Obama has spent an unprecedented amount of money on travel as president, according to new documents obtained by government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

According to documents the organization obtained from the Secret Service and the Air Force, Obama has spent nearly $100 million on travel as president — or $96,938,882.51 to be exact. Judicial Watch received the information through two separate Freedom of Information Act requests.

Oh god! This is insane! 100 million dollars is a huuge number!!!

While we are broke and in so big debt! Every American owe over one million dollars, if you divide the public debt to every tax payer!

Obama was the worst president ever! America had so big hopes with him, but he is a huge disappointment.

Trump is in the same position now, the whole nation is expecting so much from him, so better he do the job this time, we do not need another Obama…

We expect from Trump to do not spent too much and to make America rich again! We need jobs, we need better wages, we need better infrastructure and better institutions and better military and police!

We need law and order too! So Trump, start working man!

(h/t) The Blaze

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