Obama Pulled Russian Strings To Smear Trump – New Evidence Rocks Washington

The controversy over alleged misconduct regarding connections between the Trump campaign and Russian interests has only gotten more convoluted.

Now, there are so many unsubstantiated statements and so many potential characters, it’ll soon reach critical mass and NOBODY will be able to comprehend it.

To put it another way, the case that has consisted of unproven allegations and the purported involvement of numerous actors, both American and Russian, is likely to have contained irregularities committed by various persons.

But there’s still zero evidence that President Trump, his son, or his campaign staff were the ones who did anything wrong.

The latest twist in this convoluted mess involves the highly questionable approval by the Obama Department of Justice of a request to allow a Russian lawyer into the US before she met with members of the Trump campaign.

It begs the question: Why would Obama’s DOJ do this?

Well, the answer might be that Leftists had been planning this Trump/Russia farce for a very long time.

Via The Hill:

“The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under ‘extraordinary circumstances’ before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews.

This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa.

Later, a series of events between an intermediary for the attorney and the Trump campaign ultimately led to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr.”

We should never suspect that these “extraordinary circumstances” might be part of a political set-up designed to entrap Trump officials, should we?

But it turns out that this Russian attorney was involved in lobbying activities:

“She also engaged in a pro-Russia lobbying campaign and attended an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., where Russian supporters showed a movie that challenged the underpinnings of the U.S. human rights law known as the Magnitsky Act, which Russian President Vladimir Putin has reviled and tried to reverse.

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