Obama throws down the Race Card; claims Trump voters motivated by White Male Victimhood

Like most Democrats, Barack Obama wears his contempt for ordinary Americans on his sleeve, especially when it comes to those who support President Trump.

During an appearance on the nationally syndicated black radio program The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, Obama trashed Trump voters who he claimed were driven by what he referred to as white male victimhood.

The nation’s 44th president continues to demonstrate that his true legacy is the toxic atmosphere of identity politics largely due to his eight years in office when decades of racial progress were set back thanks to his venomous demagoguery and exploitation of black vs. white animosity for electoral gain.

According to Mr. Obama:

“What’s always interesting to me is the degree to which you’ve seen created in Republican politics the sense that White males are victims.”

“They are the ones who are under attack – which obviously doesn’t jive with both history and data and economics. But that’s a sincere belief that’s been internalized, that’s a story that’s being told and how you unwind that is going to be not something that is done right away, it’s going to take some time.”

His comments lay bare the hypocrisy of his former underling Joe Biden’s call for unity.

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