This Is Not What A Peaceful March Looks Like! What This Protester Did Could Have Killed This Girl!

Photo screengrab from video below

While every American has the right to march and protest peacefully and in accordance with the law this is the exact opposite of what a peaceful protest looks like. Never mind the people that rioted, smashing windows all around Washington DC but there were also Trump supporters that were attacked for going to watch the man they elected President be sworn in!

This is absolutely disgusting! A Trump supporter was taking a picture in front of the marching protesters when suddenly she was attacked!

Watch The video closely and you can see it happen!


This is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE! This person should be thrown in jail for this! She could have seriously harmed or killed this poor girl! Watch her light her hair on fire!

That is not a joke and if their was a peaceful message this march had you don’t portray that by lighting a young girl’s hair on fire!These people truly do not understand what a peaceful protest means! All of the culprits friends and the surrounding people covered for the criminal as well!

If they really meant peace than they would have turned the person over! It is not ok to light someone’s hair on fire!

Share this everywhere to expose this person so they can see the consequences for their actions!