New Book Rips Obama, Says He’s A ‘Parasite’ On Dem Party: Can’t Ignore The Facts, He Had Few Successes

Barack Obama. obama legacy

A new book describes former President Barack Obama as a “parasite” on the Democratic Party, using it as a “host” during his first term to get reelected.

The description appears in a chapter of Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Trump, written by Edward Isaac Dovere, a writer for the Atlantic, and former chief Washington correspondent for Politico.

“In his second term, he cared about what happened to the husk as much as any parasite does,” Dovere writes, according to a report by Fox News.

The journalist cites Democratic losses in 2010, when Republicans took the majority in the House in a sweeping red wave, followed by 2014, when the GOP took control of both chambers in Congress.

“The numbers are hard to ignore: During his eight years in office, Obama oversaw a net loss of 947 state legislative seats, 63 House seats, 11 senators, and 13 governors,” Dovere said.

Dovere said the former president only had two major success stories during his time in the White House: Supreme Court rulings upholding his signature healthcare plan, ObamaCare, and declaring same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

“In hindsight it’s hard not to see delusion in the self-assurance and the celebration and the sense of moving forward of those two weeks in America,” Dovere writes.

Dovere’s book also talks about first lady Jill Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. He claims Jill Biden told now-Vice President Kamala Harris to “go f*** yourself” after she referred to her husband, now-President Joe Biden, as a racist during a 2020 presidential primary debate.

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