NBC’s Chuck Todd Tried To Attack Kellyanne Conway!

Chuck Todd
Photo screengrab from video below

Chuck Todd

You would think that the Liberal Media would know better than to try and take on Kellyanne Conway after she has utterly destroyed them every time she has come on the air, but it appears that NBC’s Chuck Todd just couldn’t help himself.

Chuck Todd starting grilling Kellyanne Conway on Press Secretary Spicer’s come back to the mainstream media trying to portray Trump’s inauguration as not successful or well attended and that Spicer called his response alternative facts.

Of course the mainstream media ran with this and is claiming what Spicer said was a “falsehood” when it really isn’t and Chuck Todd brought Kellyanne Conway on to his show because he thought he had her trapped, but in reality Kellyanne had him right where she wanted him.

When will they learn? Honestly.

Kellyanne Conway refers to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s remarks as alternative facts and then Chuck Todd snickers and calls Spicer’s remarks a “falsehood.”

Chuck Todd will regret that accusation because what happened next will surely end his legitimacy! He only fired up Kellyanne Conway even more than she already was!

And that people is what public humiliation looks like! Chuck Todd has nothing left to do other than to laugh and throw out accusations!

Kellyanne Conway just through facts in his face until he was silent! Kellyanne is smarter than all of these liberal hacks out there trying to tear down Donald Trump and this is what it looks like when she gets backed into a corner, she utterly destroys you!

Chuck Todd should have thought twice before going after someone as smart and talented as Kellyanne Conway, but then again the mainstream media is more desperate than ever to try and stay alive so this attack only makes sense.

This was an act of desperation and Kellyanne Conway being the strong intelligent woman that she is simply rose above it and ENDED Chuck Todd.