Nancy Pelosi Slurs Words, Has Mini Seizure During Live Speech

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New questions were just raised about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s health after her truly bizarre weekly press conference on Thursday.

The American Mirror reported that while speaking to reporters, Pelosi repeatedly used the wrong word in sentences, awkwardly correcting herself so she was clear to the journalists. While talking about gun control legislation, Pelosi said there’s a “commensurate bi-partisan — common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

Pelosi repeated words and mistakenly said “tax force,” before enunciating “task force.” She then fell back on prior talking points, nearly saying “comprehensive immigration bill” when talking about gun control.

“So we’re just say to, we’re just saying to the Speaker, ‘Give us a vote, just give us a vote,’” she repeated.

While trying to slam Donald Trump’s tax cut once again, she botched the numbers created by the Democratic Party.

“Once the tax scam is fully phased in, 6 million middle class families — excuse me,” Pelosi said, staring at her notes.

“86 million middle class families,” she continued as reporters looked on stunned. Minutes later, Pelosi said that Republicans are going to take “$500 billion out of Medicare. One-and-a-half — excuse me,” she stopped herself. “Trillion — half a trillion dollars out of Medicare,” she continued, making it clear that she thinks $500 billion and half-a-trillion are different numbers.

Later on, as Pelosi talked about transparency in settlements with sex harassment victims, she said “I don’t want to herm — harm victims…” When Pelosi tried to condemn those who have left the Trump administration, she said, “They’re having served in that White House for one year is a giant enhancement as they go out to the public sector — private sector, the private sector,” correcting herself.

Rumors have been swirling that Pelosi is in ill health mentally for over a year now, and after seeing this video, it’s easy to see why even Democrats want her to step down. During a recent candidate forum of Democrats vying for an Arizona congressional seat, not one candidate raised their hand in support of Pelosi.

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