MSNBC Fire TOP HOST Because She Refused to Push “TRUMP HATE”

WOW : MSNBC Reach a NEW LOW - They have now FIRED one of their BEST for her refusal to Succumb TO THE TRUMP HATE

Photo: Author: Cherie Cullen, DoD

Greta Van Susteren, the former Fox News host has been fired by MSNBC, after just 6 months at the network.

Now you may be wondering why she was fired. Well it’s more than likely because of the fact that she refused to push the Trump Russia lies. It may also be that Greta isn’t the typical fake news type that MSNBC love so much.

President Trump these theory’s on Twitter.

I always liked Greta…came across tough but fair like true journalism should be. Too she decided to join a corrupt network like MSNBC, who literally advocate fake news and bad journalism.

I mean to be honest she definitely deserved much better than MSNBC!!. I Hope she lands a well deserving new job.