Morgan Freeman Annihilated Obama And Hillary’s Race Agenda And Black Lives Matter On Live TV!

This is powerful. Morgan Freeman is risking his career by destroying democratic race agenda on LIVE TV!

Instead of going safe and crying about being black, he said that in today’s America you can succeed only if you work hard, and if you fail you are using race as an excuse!

BRAVO! We love you Morgan!

The world of Hollywood is such a shamelessly liberal place that it’s considered risky to one’s career to speak out against Barack Obama’s race-baiting, Black Lives Matter agenda.

However, after seeing just how much Obama and his minions have divided our country along racial lines, Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman knew he could stay silent no longer.

Watch as Freeman annihilates both race-baiters and their precious Black Lives Matter movement. We NEED more people in Hollywood like him!

Why is this guy not in politics?! Why we have only bad blacks into politics, except Ben Carson and Condi Rice?!

Maybe it is so easy to play the race game and succeed into the politics, but those blacks who are telling the truth are not popular in the media?!

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