See Why Hillary Doesn’t Deserve To Run Our Country!

Photo: Author: Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton is just a figurehead for a leader and she wants nothing more than to make empty promises that she can break later to further her own selfish goals.

Hillary Clinton can’t even give a speech in the rain as seen at her Florida rally earlier today. She quit her speech after getting wet only seven minutes in.

Mike Pence on the other hand stood in a torrential rainstorm and finished his speech and his crowd stayed with him the whole time. That is the sign of a true leader people.

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even excite the small crowd she had for the seven minutes that she was there.

Watch how “excited” Hillary was to be in Florida.

Hillary Clinton would go on to brag about her celebrity concert that was put on by Jay Z and Beyonce.

“Boy this is a hardy group,” Clinton said, after taking the stage.

Her speech was only about about seven minutes long, but she fled after she started getting wet.

“Being here with all of you the last Saturday before election day really gets me geared up,” she said, unconvincingly.

“I was with Jay-Z and Beyonce,” Clinton bragged, calling it “the most extraordinary show.”

“Let’s get out, let’s vote for the future, let’s vote for what we want for our country,” she said.

She finished up her seven minutes and then fled the scene with her staffers covering her with an umbrella.

So who seems like the better leader? Mike Pence that gave an entire speech in a rainstorm with an enthusiastic crowd that stayed the whole time or Hillary Clinton that leaves after only seven minutes when she got wet?

This is just one example of why Hillary Clinton isn’t fit to run our country. If she can’t stand a little rain, then she will definitely not be able to withstand running the United States.

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