A Message From Parkland You Won’t See Anywhere In The Mainstream Media

andrew pollack

Andrew Pollack’s description of his daughter’s death gave me goosebumps. THIS needs to be EVERYWHERE.

This gave me chills.

Meadow Pollack, his daughter, did more to try and save someone’s life than the man trusted to do so.

Meadow and that freshman girl are dead. Scot Peterson is retiring with a pension.

We NEED to be talking about school safety… But the simple act of bringing it up is seen as “dissent.”

The ONLY conversation being BLASTED throughout the media is that of gun bans – and in the March for our Lives crowd, you either march in step, or get shut out.

According to Daily Caller:

Andrew Pollack’s daughter was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kyle Kashuv is a student there. They both have a message that the media – for some reason – doesn’t seem to want to push.

Pollack and Kashuv joined The Daily Caller to talk about how making schools safe shouldn’t be focused on enacting new gun control laws.

On Saturday, thousands of students flooded the streets in Washington, DC to protest for school safety, yet have shut out voices — like Kashuv and Pollack — looking to protect the Second Amendment.

So haunting… and SO important.

Everyone needs to watch this.

In public statements, the Pollack family has stood apart from much of the movement that grew out of the Parkland school shooting in saying the focus needs to be on school safety, not gun control.

Hunter Pollack read some of his speech.

“My sister was living an amazing life … She had so much to offer the world and had so much ahead of her,” he said. “She is dead because of the madness of one young man and his determination to kill was greater than our desire to stop him.”

h/t  Daily Caller


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