Rep. Matt Gaetz warns Clintons: ‘Justice may be coming very soon’

Bill Clinton

The Clinton crime family has been operating with impunity for decades, leaving a trail of corruption and destruction in their wake. Through scandal after scandal, Bill and Hillary Clinton have escaped justice, leaving the American people to wonder if they’ll ever be held responsible.

One Congressman thinks they will be. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) warned that “Justice may be coming to [the Clintons’] doorstep very soon.”

“House of Cards”

In an interview with controversial InfoWars host Alex Jones, Gaetz criticized the “house of cards” that is Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The Mueller investigation into whether Trump, his family, or his campaign officials met with agents or officials from Russia is “built on a rotten foundation,” said Gaetz. He went on to say that he suspects that supporters will “have to go into major defense mode over Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

He went on:

There’s a lot of people that paid bribes to the Clinton Foundation, that still may be getting a benefit out of this government and when they find out their house of cards is falling, we may see a very strong reaction and they may have to really start to explain themselves.

The president’s shown one thing, he’s willing to drain the swamp in this town.

The Low-Level Investigation

The Florida Republican pointed out that there are “credible media reports” that the FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas is investigating allegations of bribery and corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

The Hill reported earlier this month that the FBI is quietly investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Gaetz says the fact that field agents (not D.C. political insiders) are handling the investigation should worry the Clintons:

There are reports the Little Rock Field Office is actually investigating elements of bribery and corruption with the Clinton Foundation, particularly as it relates to uranium sales that may not have been in our nation’s interest, and I think that should really worry Hillary Clinton and some of the people who were paying money for influence within the Clinton world, because this is not going to be a politically predetermined outcome made by a bunch of political bureaucrats at the head shed of the FBI.

This is going to be frontline work done by real field agents out in the Little Rock Field Office and they should be concerned because justice may be coming to their doorstep very soon,” Gaetz warned.

As for the Mueller investigation, which is turning into a fiasco for Hillary and former president Barack Obama instead of Trump, Gaetz says “they are going to be like cornered rats when this entire investigation is shown to be the fraud that it is.

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