Massachusetts Minimum Wage!

massachusetts minimum wage

So now we know – democrats are crazy socialists who never learned the lesson – socialism and communism do not work!

Look what is happening in Venezuela these days?! We have our own socialist utopia states – Massachusetts for example!

Massachusetts is finding out the hard way that merely raising the state’s minimum wage does not automatically make life better for minimum wage workers — in fact, it could have the opposite impact.

On Jan. 1, Massachusetts’ minimum wage rose from $10 per hour to $11 per hour — that’s up $3 per hour from as recently as January 2014, the Boston Globe reported.

But the “Fight for 15” movement is not without consequence for the very workers it was designed to help.

The Globe spoke with one Massachusetts business owner who has cut her staff from 50 to 20 in the past two years alone, telling the newspaper she just couldn’t afford to pay all those workers the ever-rising, state-mandated amount.

So those 30 people who are now at home and without a job, are they going to vote for democrats again in their life?! We don’t think so…
Democrats are like small kids. They never learned how capitalism works… Wages are result of many factors and could not be mandated by politicians.

The economy doesn’t work like that! This is what the best economist and Ronald Reagan adviser, Milton Friedman says about minimum wage:

(h/t) The Blaze

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