Marco Rubio’s impassioned and inspiring response to Elizabeth Warren’s speech!

Photo screengrab from video below

Senator Marco Rubio is one of the best political stars in this moment in America!

He has so great future and political potential! He is charismatic and young and smart and great man. He had a great speech on the senate floor yesterday, right after Elizabeth Warren speech. And he was amazing! He nailed it! HE GAVE THE BEST SPEECH IN HIS LIFE!

Florida Senator Marco Rubio watched this proceedings in the senate and all the mess with Elizabeth Warren with some dismay as well, but instead of becoming angry and responding with attacks, he took to the floor to speak sense, understanding, and peace.

One of the great freedoms of our nation is the ability to come forward and have debates,” said Rubio. “But the Founders, framers, those who established this institution and guided it for over two centuries understood that that debate was impossible if in fact the matters became of a personal nature.

I’m telling you guys, we are reaching a point in this Republic when we can’t solve the simplest of issues because everyone is putting themselves in a corner where everyone hates everybody.” said Rubio.

He is going to be our next president! He will do it! He has the potential, he has the talent! And we need people like him! We need great charismatic smart republicans!

And he is so right about our new AG, Jeff Sessions. He is going to be a great Attorney General. Democrats are still not aware that they lost the election. They are still not focused what battles are they going to fight, they are all over the place!

We even think that republicans shut up Warren just to make her a star so that she can be democratic leader in the future, because republicans think they can beat her very easy!

Republicans think that she is so left that they are going to beat her in 2020 very easy! But maybe we are too under influence of conspiracy theories!

Trump need the support of people like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and other big shots in GOP establishment!


(h/t) The Blaze