Marco Rubio Just Stubbed Donald Trump In The Back!

Image source: Author: Marc Nozell

Senator Marco Rubio just stubbed Trump in the back! And he will pay for this!

America will punish all these traitors from GOP who undermined Trump during this battle with democrats!

Rubio hammered former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson during a Wednesday morning confirmation hearing with a steady, hard-line of questioning about Russian aggression.

During the hearing, Rubio interrogated Tillerson over Putin’s alleged interference with the U.S. presidential election and the Kremlin’s military aggression in Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya and elsewhere.

He asked Tillerson, if for him Putin was a war criminal, which is a stupid question with epic proportions for the next US secretary of state!

Of course, Tillerson answered that he will not use those words!

So Rubio just used the accession to build his popularity using low blows and cheep shots against Trump pick for POTUS!

Trump is going to return the favor very quickly! Marco will pay for this stupidity!

GOP should help Trump not putting new problems before him!

He has a lot of problems from the crazy left already!

Democrats will never do this to Obama! They are united and smart! GOP are bunch of losers!

Trump is going to learn them how to win again!