Marco Rubio Has A Nasty Message For Hollywood Stars Protesting Trump!

Photo: screengrab from video below

We at UPT are asking from everybody to give Trump a chance and to try to help him if possible! We all need to unite behind president Trump, because if he is successful we all are going to have a great benefit from that!

America will be better place for living and we should all be happy with that, if Trump has great first term. And now, we can say that even the biggest stars from GOP are trying to help Trump, that is a great news!

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican who has not been the most enthusiastic supporter of President Donald Trump, has a message for all those Hollywood types protesting the new administration.

We’ve got to just take care of the country. We’ll see how it all plays out,” Rubio told TMZ in response to a question about some celebrities — most recently, Charlie Sheen — saying Trump will be impeached. While Hollywood has been busy opposing Trump at every turn, Rubio is urging them to knock it off.

We’re pretty divided right now, you know, as a country,” he said. “I think it’s alright to disagree on things. We gotta figure out things we can work together on. In the end, I’m not going anywhere, the other people aren’t going anywhere — we’re gonna be in America together.

We might as well make it work,” he continued. “And on the things we disagree on, we can have a debate about them. But on things we can kind of make progress on, we should try. That’s what I’m gonna try to do. I hope it works.

GREAT! Marco Rubio is a great man! We love this guy! He is the future for the republican party! He is braking the democratic nasty propaganda trick that only they are friendly with minorities, and that GOP are all KKK!

But Marco is with Hispanic t.e Cuban ethnicity, and he is a great conservative politician! He is loved in Florida where he is a senator.

He is going to be a president of US one day, we are more than sure in that. And all GOP should be behind Trump in these moments, we all should try do make America great again!


(h/t) The Blaze