Marco Rubio Destroys CNN Host On Live TV For Sick Lie He Told About Trump

As usual, the liberal biased mainstream media has presented an image of President Donald Trump to its brainwashed liberal viewer base that he has been all but impeached because of all the so-called crimes he has committed with Russia and by firing FBI Director James Comey, which is within his rights as president.

On CNN’s State of the Union, smarmy host Jake Tapper was reading from this same liberal talking points script about Trump. Thankfully, Republican Senator Marco Rubio was Tapper’s guest that day, and took the trouble to set him straight about how he was misreporting the facts.

Tapper attempted to confront Sen. Rubio on his program about how President Trump allegedly obstructed justice by asking then-Director Comey not to investigate into Michael Flynn. Instead of taking tapper’s bait, Rubio called Jake out for how Tapper’s evidence was nothing but some news reports from sources both direct and indirect.

Answered Rubio, “We don’t know yet. Number one, I haven’t seen those notes. Number two we have yet to take the testimony from Director Comey.” Jake Tapper tried to backtrack, but Rubio would not let him.

He continued, “You say, ‘someone who knows him says,’ well we’re gonna have him in two weeks in front of the Intelligence Committee. He’ll be asked that question. So in two weeks we’ll know a lot more.” He then trashed the mainstream media for attempting to try President Trump in the court of public opinion based on their slanted reporting. Said Sen. Rubio, “The best way to [get the facts out] is not to litigate it in the press, but to do our work and put the report in a way that’s credible.” Are you glad that Marco Rubio shut down CNN’s Jake Tapper for his bad reporting and took such a strong stand for Trump?

Watch the full interview below:

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