Man sues bar for refusing him service!!! You’ll never guess why!!!

Courtesy of Wikimedia Wikicommons

The bar’s asshole owner reportedly told Piatek that “anyone who supports Trump… is not welcome here, and you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you.”

Liberal snowflakes – Piatek said he thinks he was served the first drink only because the hat’s slogan was not facing the bar staff. “The Happiest Hour” near Greenwich Village won’t be so happy after the summons arrives! A “Make America Great Again” hat, isn’t the cause of this and the lawsuit should reflect that!

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Liberals think they can treat people any way they want when they don’t agree. It isn’t true though and hopefully a court decision wills set a precedent for thousands to follow! It’s time to get litigious on some some liberal swine!

Other recent attacks against Trump supporters

Fortunately people are fighting back!!!

  • CA Judge Allows Trump Supporters’ Lawsuit Against City of San Jose to Continue
  • Trump Supporters Attack Actor’s Anti-Trump Art Exhibit

  • Trump Supporters Say They Are Going To Boycott Hawaii

At this rate we’ll have anti Trump Liberals begging to go to Mexico 

Or maybe Argentina with these other crazy people like the Feminists who performed a mock abortion on the Virgin Mary statue. Because – feminism I guess? The point of no return is rapidly approaching as even a High School in Texas is trying to piss off literally every sane American by making a prayer room for Muslims. They claim it offers equal access for every religion so with any luck some of the Christian students will walk into a prayer room with a bunch of Islamic kids and somehow get along. Good luck with that Texas!



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