BREAKING: The Mainstream Media Just Took Its First Big Hit! See What Just Happened To MSNBC!

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The mainstream media is falling apart after unprecedentedly low trust ratings and the initial signs of the fallout are here.

MSNBC just shut down one of its shows and the New York Times closed 8 floors in its offices!

These people have been attacking Donald Trump and that has only meant bad news for them. They have spread lies and rumors rather than factual news and the consequences are showing now.

According to Page Six:

MSNBC on Friday quietly pulled the plug on its afternoon show, “Live With Thomas Roberts,” after less than two years, Page Six has exclusively learned. Roberts was brought on to do the two-hour show last year to replace the much-hyped but low-rated “Ronan Farrow Daily.”

“Thomas was taken off of his [show] quietly,” said a news insider. “They’re not going to announce it, but he’s gone. His last day was Friday.”

Another source close to the anchor explained, “Thomas is in discussions to take on a new role with MSNBC in 2017.”

The ill-fated time slot will now transition to a “rotation of anchors” at the network.

The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that they are having to cancel their shows so they are doing it quietly. They don’t want you to know that they are falling apart, but the signs of rust are showing and they pieces are falling off.

These people don’t know when to stop and are just going to try and relaunch Thomas Roberts under a different show, but if his first one failed then the signs for his second attempt with probably an even lower trust rating of MSNBC are not promising.

These people are just trying to recycle their garbage programming to trick viewers into thinking that it is something new, but we all know that they are full of it.

Share this everywhere to show that the lying institutions of the mainstream media are beginning to fall apart!

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