Lou Dobbs: Republican Party ‘Will Be Gone and Done’ If They Don’t Stand With President Trump

Lou Dobbs, gop

During an interview with Jesse Waters, Lou Dobbs issued a warning to the GOP that they ignore at their own peril.

Lou Dobbs explained that the “left is carrying out what as a 4 1/2 year-long plot and effort to overthrow the president of the United States. First, as you have documented to block his candidacy and deny him the presidency, once he won the presidency to overthrow his presidency.”

“It persists to this very day. To think of the meanness and banality of the left is to contemplate the abyss. They have done all of this, and I really believe they don’t care if they have been caught. The president says this time they got caught, and indeed they have.”

“All across the country, various jurisdictions, stealing, trying to steal an election,” Lou Dobbs added. “And this president is demonstrating once again he is the wrong guy to cross, the wrong guy to think you can overthrow, upend, and somehow stop with a vicious campaign, whether it’s verbal or it’s physical or it is what we have seen here, a cyber attack on our election, those voting machines, and software.”

Later in the interview, he issued his warning to GOP leaders “The Republicans have to stand with this president. The Republican Party is watching its death knell. This Republican Party will be gone and done if they don’t stand with this president.”

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