Lee Greenwood Just Gave Donald Trump The Greatest Inauguration Day Gift!

Photo screengrab from video below

Donald Trump held his inauguration day concert today at the Lincoln Memorial and the site was a spectacle to put it lightly. Trump and thousands of fans were serenaded on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and everyone was happy.

One of the shining moments of the performances was Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless The USA” which will bring chills to you when you hear it.

Watch the performance here:

It doesn’t get much more patriotic than that folks. Not only was Donald Trump singing along but he even began to dance with joy while singing “God Bless The USA.”

This is going to be our President after tomorrow and the United States is ready for it just look at the crowd cheering and the smiles on their faces. These are the signs of a country at the beginning of a great movement forward and progress! There isn’t a sad face in that crowd and all of the protesters and boycotters are no where to be seen.

These are the faces of people that feel like they have finally been listened to and that their prayers have been answered!

Like Lee Greewood and Donald Trump would say “God Bless The USA!”

Four years of progress here we come!