Kellyanne Conway Destroyed The Biggest Trump Hater Seth Mayers!

Image source: Youtube

Trump has the best aides in the world! His team is the best compilation or total world stars! Nowhere in the world can be find that impressive least of aides!

In an wide-ranging interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the grinning television host traded barbs with President-elect Donald Trump’s special advisor Kellyanne Conway and attempted to pin her down on many questions about the unorthodox Trump transition.

She testily complains about the lack of respect from the audience and Meyers for the office of the president.

You have such disrespect, I guess I’m just astonished. I’m almost fifty years old and and I’m so astonished to hear people outwardly ridicule the office of the president and its current occupant. I was raised differently, no matter who it is. I know the media and their pollsters who were crap didn’t prepare you for the election results, but all you had to do was listen to us. The cues and clues were there. Every day I was on TV saying ‘this is how we’re going to win.’

Here’s the interview courtesy of the “Late Night” YouTube channel:

She is so right! This fake story is a peace of crap! Liberals are so angry to Donald so they just started lying about him over the top wild stories that are even funny!

On the other hand, Kellyanne Conway is the best spokesperson in US history! This lady won the election!

Yes Trump was great, but she was just awesome! We love her! This woman is incredible!

They are great duo, they are going to be on the top in political life for the next 8 years!

Trump is in a secure hands, he is going to be just fine!

We wished America had this great team in the White House much sooner so that we could
have saved US from so many mistakes of Obama schmucks!

One of the best features of a great leader is to find talent and hire them!

Trump is not an ego maniac as liberals want to insult him. He don’t mind if his aides are even smarter and more informed in some areas, he just want the best team so that he can make America great again!!!

(h/t) The Blaze