Time for Trump to ‘move on,’ Texas Republican representative says

Kay Granger

U. S. Rep. Kay Granger, a high-ranking member of Texas’ congressional delegation who is respected among her peers, said Friday she has “great concerns” about President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to overturn the country’s election results after his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden.

“I have great concerns about it,” she told CNN on Friday morning. “I think that it’s time to move on.”

“I think it’s time for him to really realize and be very clear about what’s going on,” she added when asked if the president should concede.

Granger’s statements are only exceptional in the context of current Republican politics.

Trump has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the election results, and for the most part, Texas Republicans in Congress have either stayed silent or also questioned the results without providing evidence of fraud on a level that would change the election’s outcome. Trump’s legal team has lost dozens of cases in court alleging voter fraud.

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