Kansas City Chiefs Sign A New Backup Quarterback And His Name Isn’t Colin Kaepernick

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new backup quarterback, and his name isn’t Colin Kaepernick.

According to Adam Schefter on Monday, the Chiefs signed Matt Moore to backup Patrick Mahomes after Chad Henne fractured his ankle.

There are few things funnier in the world of football than watching backups other than Kaepernick, who refused to stand for the anthem while with the 49ers, get signed.

His supporters are out here pretending like he’s ready to rock and roll as an NFL starter, and Matt Moore’s phone is ringing before his.

Matt Moore! I’d be willing to bet your average NFL fan hasn’t even heard of Matt Moore before.

The fact Matt Moore is getting calls and Kaepernick isn’t is really just the latest sign teams have next to no interest in ever seeing him play again.

Of course, I’ve been saying that for years and nobody wanted to listen to me. His play fell off of a cliff, defensive coordinators figured him out and he seems a lot more interested in being a martyr than a NFL quarterback.

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I can’t wait to see if the Colts also sign another quarterback. They might not, but if they do make the decision to ink another passer, I’m pretty confident it won’t be Kaepernick.

It’ll just get funnier and funnier with every single backup that gets a deal.

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