Justin Trudeau Booed At Town Hall As Polls Show His Horrific Approval Ratings

Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's approval ratings have fallen to the lowest since he took office almost 4 years ago


Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval ratings have fallen to the lowest since he took office almost 4 years ago.

“Those are the worst numbers Forum — or any other pollster — has registered for Trudeau since he became prime minister,” the firm notes.

The Forum Poll™, a public opinion firm, released their numbers while Trudeau was visiting western Calgary he was met with multiple protestors and hecklers.This pushback comes after statements he has made about “phasing out” oil sands from the nation’s economy.However this comment is not the only reason for his low approval ratings as Trudeau’s approval ratings dropped ten percentage points in November when he came out and praising Communist dictator Fidel Castro.


Trudeau who was almost assured to win the 2018 elections is now in trouble as the approval gap between his Liberal Party and the rival Conservatives is closing.

Trudeau responded to hecklers by saying “As a teacher, I try not to reward bad behaviour by giving them too much attention,”

This comment about teachers came as the heckler and protesters started holding up signs reading “Go Back to Teaching Drama.”

Trudeau’s toughest moment during the town hall, however, was not the booing, but answering a question from a blue collar worker from Calgary who asked him why he is “phasing out” oil sands from the nation’s economy.This heckler said to Mr Trudeau

“You’ve been saying two different messages,down east, you’ve been telling people that you want to kill the single-biggest employer in our province… You’re in Alberta right now sir, you’re not in Ottawa. Yet, when you come to Calgary, you tell people you’re sorry… You’re either a liar or you’re confused.”

“I have been extremely consistent,” Trudeau replied to the town hall questioner.