Judge Jeanine Pirro Just DEMOLISHED Hollywood With One Absolute Truth! – They Are Stunned

As the Weinstein scandal growing in popularity, Judge Jeanine Pirro took the time out to call out the sheer hypocrisy of the “Hollywood social justice warriors.”

It’s a well-known fact that Weinstein is a big-time Democrat and a Clinton supporter. He has funded Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with more than $50,000 as well as plenty more in the Clinton Foundation.

“Another intersection of crime, money, power and the Democrat party,” she said regarding Hollywood.

She then moved on to Hollywood being “steeped out in hypocrisy for decades” and that she finds it doubtful that many actors didn’t know about his criminal activity until now.

“As the curtain goes up on the casting couch, a.k.a. the casting bed, the town that glorifies violence, murder and rape is the same town where centuries-old rules of women sleeping for a job is kept quiet,” said Pirro.

I too am very skeptical about the fact that a lot of people in Hollywood didn’t know about Weinstein’s dirty little secrets.

It is clear that Hollywood has a lot of secrets of this nature, and that it brushes the same secrets under the rug solely because of a certain person’s status or reputation.

Surely, there are more people like Weinstein whose crimes go unnoticed because they’re being protected by the Hollywood elite. That’s a sick and disgusting cult. It gives them no right to speak about Women’s rights at this point, being familiar with Weinstein’s transgressions for such a long time. It truly is a dark and twisted reality that a lot of people live in these days.

What we need to do here is, we need to make this story go viral so every single American would understand the situation and won’t fall under the liberal brain-washing machines.

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