Jim Jordan sounds off on Biden’s ‘America last’ policy

jim jordan

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows slam President Biden’s job performance both domestically and abroad on “Hannity.”

JIM JORDAN: It’s also an American strength agenda to project strength around the world and not this weakness that our enemies see. You talked about what took place in Anchorage two months ago where the treatment that Secretary Blinken got from Chinese counterpart, that would never happen to Mike Pompeo in the Trump Administration. Then you put everything with it, Sean, the lack of respect from our adversaries coupled with the crisis on the border with inflation. Sean, lumbers up, aluminum’s up, steel is up, the price of gas, the price of eggs, the price of milk, the price of everything you can think of, the price is up. Americans sense that and they also see just the chaos surrounding Biden and they also understand that their taxes are going up and more spending is coming. That’s what they fear so let’s get back to America first and projecting strength around the world to our adversaries.

Mark Meadows also criticized Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.

MARK MEADOWS: Well listen, they’re talking about it’s a time for choosing. The American people have already chosen. They showed up in unbelievable volumes and said what we want is a president who will keep America first. Joe Biden is America last. We don’t have to look any further than the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, and then what do they do for Russia, they take off sanctions so they can finish their pipeline. We see not surprisingly today that the Palestinians actually referred to Secretary Blinken as Secretary Clinton. Well, that’s because they are reverting back to a Clinton way of doing business.

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