Jeff Sessions Message To Deadly Gang: “We’re Coming For You.” Watch Him Send Them Running!

Image Source: Fox News

Jeff Sessions is no stranger to taking on dangerous criminals, after he took on the KKK in Alabama and sued them out of existence.

Now Jeff Sessions has set his sites on the murdering gang MS-13 in Los Angeles as his next target to take down.

This announcement came after there were four bodies found in New York that fit their signature of being chopped up with a machete.

The MS-13 gang was originally founded from El Salvadorian immigrants in Los Angeles and have spread across the entire country.

But Jeff Sessions plans to change that.

Via Fox News:

Sessions gave a speech in Long Island close to where police found four bodies bearing the gang’s hallmarks: repeated hacking – apparently from a machete – that left the victims unrecognizable.

“I have a message for the gangs that target our young people,” Sessions said. “We are targeting you. We are coming after you.”

The attorney general’s appearance on Friday comes amid a spate of violence in two communities near the federal courthouse where he spoke in Central Islip. The bodies of 11 people have been found in parks and vacant lots since last September.

Police believe the killings are the work of MS-13.

Finally we have an attorney general that is going to stop the drug dealing and violence that these gangs bring to the cities that they come to.

A major problem of the inner cities is that these gangs prey on the young and it creates a cycle of never ending violence and crime.

Violence of this nature will not be tolerated under this administration and will actually be focused unlike under the Obama administration.

Obama was too busy spending taxpayer dollars to protect the taxpayers.

Finally these criminals are going to face justice.

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