RINO Jeff Flake Blames Trump For Him Leaving Senate! – ‘The View’ Loud-Mouths Are CHEERING!


When you ask a liberal about his opinion on any Republican politicians, they instantly hate him, unless he starts talking against Trump, then they love him automatically.

A classic prototype of this behavior, we can see in the Republican Senator Jeff Flake after he started to spread these anti-Trump talks.

Anyway, Senator Flake has appeared on Liberal talk-show The View, where he started to speak against President Trump to which he was getting ovations.

He stated that a Republican has zero chances of winning I he goes against Trump’s policies and Trump’s agenda.

During the show, Meghan McCain said that she is „heartbroken“ of him leaving the Senate adding that Washington is in need of „more men in office like [him] right now.“

As the audience was cheering for Flake, he said: “If we had an audience like this in the Senate gallery I would never leave!”

After this, he tried on his own (liberal) turf to spin the fact that the people of Arizona are not giving him support because of Trump’s fault and not because of his own lack of abilities.

I could not speak out as I am now and as I have been over the past several months. There is no way you can be competitive in a Republican primary particularly in a state like Arizona right now if you don’t agree with the president’s positions or if you don’t condone his behavior.”

Then Flake said that he won’t be reelected just because he was telling the “truth” and Trump doesn’t like that. Joy Behar questioned him, “So you couldn’t win with that?”

Flake answered, “No. You can’t. You can’t win a Republican primary right now if you’re willing to stand up and say ‘This is not right. This is not normal.’”

Flake is clearly out of his mind for saying that he and his fellow liberals are saying the truth, the one that Trump doesn’t like to hear when every other day we see new democrats connected with frauds and scandals.
Flake, please lie other people, but not us!


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