What Judge Jeanine Pirro Just Said Will Have Every Democrat Furious !

Jeanine Pirro
Photo: Youtube Screenshot

Jeanine Pirro

We are in the home stretch to election day and it is more important than ever to make sure that the right person is elected and Judge Jeanine Pirro is doing exactly that.

She just went on an EPIC rant on why Hillary Clinton is the most unfit person to be president. She can’t be allowed to take the office. Like Pirro says, “guilt is moot at this point.”

We can’t have a president that is constantly under investigation and going to be in hearings all the time just trying to rig the system to get off.

Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. That fact that she has been investigated multiple times during the election says everything that is should. She can’t be trusted and this couldn’t be more apparent.

The way that Comey cleared Hillary Clinton this time is even more disappointing in the FBI and he is ruining their good name. It took the FBI nearly 12 months to investigate 33,000 emails and it took them a matter of days to investigate over 650,000.

It is hard to believe that they did a thorough search. They can’t be trusted and Comey is a Clinton puppet.

This is a very disheartening time in our country but we have to trust in Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton and get out and vote for him.

Like Pirro says, we can’t elect someone that is being investigated by the FBI not only once, but twice.

That is unacceptable and our country should know better, but Hillary Clinton will try anything to win the election including rigging it. The multiple voter fraud scandals in Ohio, Indiana, and Florida being the most recent, prove that. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person to run for office ever and she must be stomped to better our country.

Please share this everywhere so that we can help Trump defeat Hillary for good!

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