Janet Jackson Finally Speaks Out About Her Muslim Marriage!

janet jackson muslim marriage wissam al mana

Popular singer Janet Jackson just revealed something which lots of people have known for some time. Being wedded to Wissam Al Mana, a very traditional Muslim is all about 1 point…. Submission.

The former member of “The Jacksons” as well as sister of record-breaking music performer Michael Jackson recently talked to her family. She admitted precisely what her five-year Muslim marriage to enterprise magnate Wissam Al Mana had been like.

“Her life had been sheltered,” one Jackson family member informed US Magazine. Janet’s sibling Randy also said that this famous singer had been verbally mistreated by her Muslim husband.

The billionaire Wissam Al Mana apparently preyed upon Janet’s weaknesses after the demise of her incredibly popular brother. However, the vocalist was amazing at the way of life of almost limitless money in the Middle East… however, that fairy tale rapidly became a problem.

Janet Jackson revealed how miserable her Muslim marriage with Wissam Al Mana was. Only one thing was important to him, submission.

Wissam Al Mana soon started to insist that Janet Jackson act like a conventional Muslim spouse. “She began to wear full length burkas; loose-fitted external clothing; and to stay away from her previous confidants,” it was revealed.

As Jihad Watch recently stated, subjugating the wife as well as removing her identity is actually hardly a brand new tactic with regard to hard-core Muslim husbands. Actually both the Quran and contemporary Islamic clerics teach that severe subjugation of spouses is an essential part of the Muslim faith.

“Men have power over females because Allah has made one superior to another. Says chapter 4, verse 34 in the Quran. “As for all those from who you dread disobedience, dissuade them as well as send them to beds aside and whip them.”

How captivating.

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