Iran Tests New Missile Defense System

Courtesy of Wiki Commons,_the_first_surface_combatant_to_fire_Tomahawk_Land_Attack_Missiles_(TLAM's)_in_support_of_Operation_Iraqi_Freedom.jpg

While the worlds eyes were on North Korea, Iran launched 2 of their own.

The missiles fired were Fateh-110 short-range ballistic missiles and the target was a floating barge approximately 155 miles away. The action itself however has serious implications. The Fateh could be fitted with fairly dangerous warheads and there are US ships in the water where the missiles came down. One missile hit it’s target, the other apparently did not.

Everyone is shooting missiles into the sky

“Between North Korea’s saber-rattling and Iran’s willful defiance, we certainly don’t lack for evidence of these rogue regime’s intentions,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said in a Monday statement. “This is why we need to develop a strong missile-defense system and to take a harder line toward these regimes. No amount of words, however clear or forceful, will prevent this kind of aggression; only firm action to defend America and our allies will stop them in their tracks.” ~ Fox News

In our last coverage of this Iranian Ballistic Missile Testing  we mentioned the comments by Iranian General Amir Ali Haijazadeh:“If Iran’s enemies don’t fall in line these missiles might come down on them.” ~ Gen. Amir Ali Haijazadeh

Those tests came less than 24 hours after sanctions on Tehran for exactly the same kind of long range ballistic missile testing.

Two years ago, Iranian cruise missiles destroyed a large barge designed to look like an American aircraft carrier. Iranian state-television broadcast the images publicly at the time.

The new Iranian short-range ballistic missile launches come a week after Iran successfully test-fired Russian surface-to-air missiles, part of the S-300 air defense system Russia sent to Iran recently. ~ Fox News