‘Quiet’ Investigation Could Sabotage Robert Mueller’s Corrupt Russia Probe


Since January, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been quietly investigating both the FBI and DOJ’s investigative efforts in the Hillary Clinton email inquiry. Horowitz’s investigation has been under the radar thanks to attention on President Trump’s inauguration and the Russian collusion conspiracy.

However, the investigation is expected to become more prominent — and soon. DOJ officials expect the internal probe to be completed within the next few months. It’s considered “a potential landmine” for Robert Mueller.

The Quiet Investigation

Horowitz’s investigation began with the focus of determining whether “certain underlying investigative decisions … were based on improper considerations” in regards to the Clinton email investigation.

With its completion on the horizon, the inspector general’s findings report could deliver a huge blow to Robert Mueller by proving the agency bias that’s been suspected all along.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) stated:

The inspector general’s investigation is very important … It is very encouraging to us that (Horowitz) is doing what I think is good, unbiased work.

Goodlatte added, “We are now beginning to understand the magnitude of this insider bias on Mr. Mueller’s team.”

Since its initiation, the investigation has entailed numerous interviews with notable officials such as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former FBI Director James Comey. Through these interviews, Horowitz has remained focus on assessing whether the policies and procedures of the FBI and DOJ were properly followed in the Clinton email probe.

While Horowitz’s internal review has nothing to do with Mueller’s Russia probe, Horowitz’s investigation has already revealed damning evidence about members of Mueller’s team.

Text Message Bombshell

The investigation is responsible for revealing the collection of anti-Trump text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Strzok is the senior level counterintelligence agent who helped oversee Horowitz’s review of the Clinton case, but was reassigned by Mueller after the text messages were discovered.

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker said that the text messages could serve as evidence of bias against President Trump, and Strzok’s dismissal can’t change that.

Swecker said:

I never heard anything related to politics come out of (Mueller’s) mouth. But none of this is good for Mueller or his reputation for fairness. Who knows what else the IG (inspector general) has.

Former Justice Inspector General Michael Bromwich said that the text message revelation “has certainly re-focused the spotlight on an investigation that many people may have forgotten about but remains an important piece of work that needs to be completed.”

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