Immigration Protests Broke Out At Texas State House But What This State Rep Did Next Will Have Illegal Imm. Deporting Selves!

Image Source: InfoWars

Texas has been on the forefront of following President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ orders to ban Sanctuary cities.

They made a bold move in the eyes of the Democrats and the governor signed into law an order that sanctuary cities were now illegal in Texas.

Of course there were protests from the left for people that immigrated to this country illegally and skipped the line for people that are waiting to immigrate legally.

There were plenty of protestors and many of them were hispanic, some were even brazen enough to even carry signs that said they were illegals and not leaving.

They should have thought twice before doing that though because what Republican Representative Matt Rinaldi did next put the fear of God into the protestors.

Rinaldi called ICE and had the illegal immigrants arrested at the protest!

Chaos broke out as ICE showed up to arrest the illegal immigrants that were flaunting their status. Of course the Democrats are trying to attack Rinaldi for his actions but over what?

He was just upholding the law.

The Democrats claim Republicans are breaking the law on one hand, crying Russia every two minutes, and now they are getting upset that Republicans are upholding our countries laws.

The Democrats only care about the law when it suits their needs.

H/T The Gateway Pundit