Just In: Republicans Give Illegal Aliens TERRIBLE NEWS! You Will Cheer!


The probability of the GOP’s new bill becoming a law are pretty high, which means that it will bring us a huge relief with the tax as well as with the illegal aliens who are most certainly one of the biggest problems we have.

Via The Washington Times:

The tax bill will prevent illegal immigrants from claiming several major tax credits. The authors of the bill claim that this could save the government $23.1 billion over the next ten years.”

The main problem when people are migrating in the U.S illegally is that these people are so eager to come to America because of our taxpayer-funded policy which gives them a huge range of opportunities.

Just look at the range of benefits that illegal immigrants can use from our fonds: Child Tax Credit, the American Opportunity Tax Credit, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

As Republicans have tried countless time in the past, it seems that now is the time to finally achieve this initiative!

Via Christian News Alert:

Under the new program, taxpayers will be required to submit work-eligible Social Security numbers in order to take advantage of the tax credits. In many cases, illegal immigrants have used fake social security numbers in order to gain employment.

Of course, not everyone is happy about this. Immigrant-rights advocates have attacked this portion of the bill, stating that the children of illegal immigrants are U.S. citizens, which means they should be entitled to the credit. Of course, they say nothing of the fact that the parents should not have broken our laws in the first place.”

As The Washington Times reported, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) is given to the immigrants who don’t have the option to work in the U.S.

So, the catch is that Obama’s government was still providing these ITINs to the illegals so they can pay their taxes from the money gained in alternative ways (crimes).

And the IRS is leaking millions of dollars from our budget to provide these individuals with the ITINs and the whole system which is the very base of corruption in Obama administration.

The Trump administration has already made progress in limiting the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. Earlier this year, the president announced that illegal immigration is down 61% — and this is without building the wall.” (h/t)

One thing is for sure. This new law will make our country much less attractive to illegal immigrants and therefore they will have fewer motives to come here.

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