House Dems Target Fox News – DRAG Reporter In To Testify On ‘Quashed’ Stormy Story

house democrats, fox news
A former Fox News reporter will tell lawmakers about allegations that the news outlet tried to quash her reporting on the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election, her attorney says.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings requested the reporter, Diana Falzone, speak with panel investigators about her attempts to report on Michael Cohen’s payments to the porn star to remain quiet about an alleged tryst with President Trump.

The New Yorker reported last month that Fox News stopped the journalist from reporting on the alleged affair during the election to help Trump. The network denies the claim. An executive at the outlet said the story was stopped because it was not ready to be published.

Falzone has a nondisclosure agreement with Fox News.

Her lawyer, Nancy Erika Smith, said Thursday there’s an exception to the agreement that allows Falzone to comply with Cummings’ request for an interview and any documents regarding the payments made to Daniels.

The law requires that you be allowed to participate in any government investigation — and no NDA can stop that,” Smith said on “The Beat with Ari Melber.